Lanyard Print

Our Finest Quality of lanyard printing can imprint logo on lanyard are one of the best branding tool & Corporate Identity. We have variety of choices including silkscreen, heat tranfer knitted and acessories to acustomise for landyard.

Customised Soft Rubberised PVC like Pencil Head Logo, Bookmark, Fridge Magnet, Coaster, Mobile Stand & Notebook, USB, Keychain, Lauggage Tag, Handwrist & Sewing Badge various shapes & color is one of others to mark your corporate brading give away as door gifts for meetings, seminars and more… 

Personalise Permium Gift

Corporate gift item  can be personalized with logo branding. The type of method use are depending on the shape of the surface and material use. Most common methods are silkscreen printing, pad printing, UV printing, laser engraving, emboss/deboss and embroidery.

  • Detacable Yoyo Clip.
  • Trasparent PVC Tag.
  • Metal / Plastic Hooks of various model, Metal, Buckle, O-ring clip.
  • PVC Hardcard Holder.
  • Lanyard Wristband, rubbrised item on Landyard.

Need trophoies  for you Corporate sport club event? We supply trophies in various shapes with customised award plague plate in crystal series.

A good bespoke uniform builds a positive impression and inspire confidence in your corporate images, also motivates employees by cultivating a strong sense of pride and unity among employees through beautifully designed and well-fitted uniforms.

Our list of Supplies:

  • Customised Uniform for reatail & Corporate
  • Worker Jacket. 
  • Apron for Restaurants.